Heather and Aaron

I don’t even know where to start to tell you how much fun this couple is to be around.  I met Heather years ago when I photographed her brother’s wedding and I immediately wanted to be her best friend.  Heather is soooo much fun!  She is full of laughter and smiles and if that isn’t enough to make you love her – add on the fact that her spirit is caring, loving and giving.  She is an encourager and a cheerleader and uses words to describe things in such awesome detail that I swear she needs to become a writer.  She has a voice of an angel and you actually may have heard her sing around the city at various events.  Then there is Aaron.  I met Aaron at the engagement session and immediately knew why Heather fell in love with him.  I loved watching them interact with one another.  The laughter and the jokes were adorable.  They way he looked at her, made me smile and when he held her – it was nothing short of perfection.  And did I mention how gorgeous of a couple they are???  So, yes, I’m pretty darn excited for their October wedding.  It’s going to be a great day.  But for now – lets just enjoy some images from their engagement session.  Congrats, Heather and Aaron!  Thank you for allowing me to capture your love in photographs.  2017-06-15_01592017-06-15_01602017-06-15_01622017-06-15_01632017-06-15_01642017-06-15_01702017-06-15_01712017-06-15_01732017-06-15_01742017-06-15_01752017-06-15_01802017-06-15_01822017-06-15_01832017-06-15_01862017-06-15_01872017-06-15_01892017-06-15_01912017-06-15_01932017-06-15_01952017-06-15_01982017-06-15_02002017-06-15_02012017-06-15_02042017-06-15_02052017-06-15_02062017-06-15_02072017-06-15_02092017-06-15_02102017-06-15_02132017-06-15_02142017-06-15_02152017-06-15_02162017-06-16_00012017-06-15_02202017-06-15_02212017-06-15_02222017-06-15_02232017-06-15_02242017-06-15_02252017-06-15_0226


Andrea and Elijah’s Wedding

I fell head over heels for this couple when I photographed their engagement session last November (check it out here!).  I was sitting here trying to think of the best way to explain how awesome this couple is and then it hit me.  I could tell you about their centerpieces for their reception.  At first glance you would think they were just beautiful flowers in normal vases.  But if you got closer, you would notice a little sign by each vase explaining that this sweet couple had to do a long distance relationship for almost 3 years.  The vases for the centerpieces are from various occasion when Elijah sent flowers to Andrea during their time apart.  And if that wasn’t enough to make you say “Awe!” the sign went on to tell you what each vase’s occasion was.  For example – Birthday, Valentine’s Day,  Just Because, Sorry that I Ruined the Ending of the Good Wife, etc.  The fact that Elijah sent her so many flowers is simply wonderful and the fact that Andrea kept every single vase and remembered the occasion for each one makes me smile.  So, now you know a little bit about how wonderful these two people are and they are even more wonderful together as a couple.  Their wedding took place on May 28th at the Montage on the North side of Indy.  It was a beautiful, quaint, small wedding in the outdoor garden with a yummy reception filled with omelets, waffles, donuts and coffee!  Thank you guys for letting me be a small part of your wedding day!  Congrats.


Tyler and Taleah

Meet Tyler and Taleah.  I had the amazing privilege of meeting them last week for their engagement session and let me just tell you – it was the perfect evening.  They were so much fun to photograph.  They are so in love and such an awesome couple that it made my job very easy.  We started the session at a park on the south side!  I’m so happy to have all this green back in my photos – summer is here!!!  Woohoo!  Then we went up to the beautiful Coxhall Gardens to finish up the session.  And just wait until you see the dress that Taleah wore for those photos!!!!!  One word – AMAZING!  I kind of wanted to “steal” it for myself… but don’t worry, I didn’t.   Here are just a few of the photos from their session.  Congrats, Tyler and Taleah!  I can’t wait for your wedding!  2017-05-26_00012017-05-26_00022017-05-26_00032017-05-26_00052017-05-26_00062017-05-26_00082017-05-26_00092017-05-26_00152017-05-26_00132017-05-26_00162017-05-26_00192017-05-26_00202017-05-26_00212017-05-26_00232017-05-26_00252017-05-26_00262017-05-26_00302017-05-26_00322017-05-26_00352017-05-26_00362017-05-26_00372017-05-26_00392017-05-26_00412017-05-26_00442017-05-26_00452017-05-26_00472017-05-26_00492017-05-26_00502017-05-26_00512017-05-26_00532017-05-26_00542017-05-26_00552017-05-26_00562017-05-26_00582017-05-26_00592017-05-26_00602017-05-26_00612017-05-26_00622017-05-26_00652017-05-26_00662017-05-26_00682017-05-26_00702017-05-26_00712017-05-26_00732017-05-26_00772017-05-26_0074