A Beautiful (and slightly rainy) Wedding

Sarah and Sean’s wedding was amazing!  Every detail, big and small, had such an important meaning.  The wedding took place at Sarah’s great-grandmother’s home in Seymour, IN.  The ceremony was in the backyard and here is the coolest part – their family tree stood tall and strong off in the distance.  It was the perfect backdrop for the sweet ceremony.  Sarah’s mom and dad preformed the ceremony along with two of Sarah’s good friends from seminary and even the sweet flowers in the vases had a meaning and a purpose.  As I drove to Seymour with Elizabeth (my second shooter) we were praying for the rain to stop.  We kept looking at the radar and it just wasn’t looking good.  And, yes, half of the day was wet and rainy; we used lots of umbrellas and did some waiting and dodging of raindrops.  But the rain eventually stopped and at one point the sun even peaked through the clouds to shine down on us.  It ended up being a beautiful evening and Sarah and Sean became husband and wife with all of their closest friends and family there to witness their beautiful wedding.  Thank you so much, Sarah and Sean.  It was an honor to photograph your wedding day.


Stephanie and Travis

I’m so excited to introduce you guys to this adorable couple!  This is Stephanie and Travis and they are getting married this August and I seriously can not wait.  I had sooooo much fun with these guys at their engagement shoot.  They were so easy to get to know and could laugh with me and with each other – which always makes for a good time.  You can just see the happiness and joy popping out of their photos.  I met them up at Purdue University where they met and fell in love (I know, so sweet, right?).  I’ve only shot a few times at Purdue and I’m always happy to have new locations to work with.  After we were done on campus, we drove to a park close by to finish up the session.  There were so many fun ones from our evening together but these are some of my favorites.  :)2017-02-16_00332017-02-16_00342017-02-16_00352017-02-16_00362017-02-16_00392017-02-16_00402017-02-16_00412017-02-16_00422017-02-16_00432017-02-16_00442017-02-16_00452017-02-16_00472017-02-16_00482017-02-16_00492017-02-16_00502017-02-16_00512017-02-16_00542017-02-16_00562017-02-16_00612017-02-16_00632017-02-16_00642017-02-16_00652017-02-16_00662017-02-16_00672017-02-16_00682017-02-16_00692017-02-16_00702017-02-16_00712017-02-16_00722017-02-16_00732017-02-16_00742017-02-16_00772017-02-16_00782017-02-16_00792017-02-16_00802017-02-16_0081


The Sponsels

Time just keeps on ticking, doesn’t it?  I can’t believe how big these girls are getting!  I have loved watching these two cuties grow up over the past few years.  Aren’t they beautiful?  The Sponsels are such a sweet family and I always enjoy my time with them.  This past July, we decided to go downtown to the War Memorial for their family session.  And they hit it out of the ballpark again!  It’s no surprise – they are all so photogenic.  :) Little Paige even brought her Barbie doll to be in a couple photos.  I was a huge fan of Barbie as a little girl, so I was all about having her in a few pics. Here are some of my faves.  2017-02-16_00202017-02-16_00212017-02-16_00222017-02-16_00032017-02-16_00042017-02-16_00052017-02-16_00062017-02-16_00072017-02-16_00082017-02-16_00102017-02-16_00112017-02-16_00132017-02-16_00142017-02-16_00152017-02-16_00162017-02-16_00172017-02-16_00192017-02-16_00262017-02-16_00282017-02-16_00292017-02-16_00302017-02-16_00312017-02-16_0032