An Impromptu Photo Shoot

Earlier in the week, I had planned a teaching session with my intern to go out and practice shooting into the sun during the “Golden Hour” (basically sunset).  Well, at the last minute, our models dropped out so I texted my friend Christa to see if she could help me out.  And she did!  She brought her handsome son and her adorable niece and nephew to a random field in Greenwood for me.  These kids were amazing!  They had to stand there in the tall grass and listen to me explain camera settings, functions and shooting tips – which to them I’m sure sounded like, “Blah, blah, blah…  blah, blah, blah.”  They never complained and were the best little models for us.  I wasn’t really planning on taking many (if any) photos that evening but when I saw how cute and perfect they were, I just had to pull out my camera, too and snap a few.  Thanks for helping us out, guys!  I hope the ice cream after the shoot made up for any bug bites or boredom you had to endure.  :)2017-05-18_00012017-05-18_00022017-05-18_00042017-05-18_00052017-05-18_00062017-05-18_00072017-05-18_00082017-05-18_00112017-05-18_0012


Bridal Shoot

A couple weeks ago, I had the fun privilege of teaming up with my good friend, Liv Fisher, on a little stylized bridal shoot.  We collaborated with some amazing vendors in the Indy area and I’m so excited to share the images with you.  The weather was the one thing that didn’t want to cooperate with us.  We even rescheduled the shoot to try and avoid the rain but it still didn’t work.  We met at Coxhall Gardens up in Carmel and luckily got through the first two dresses before the thunder, lightning and rain started.  So, we packed up our stuff and drove through the crazy storm to the beautiful Neidhammer in downtown Indy to finish up the shoot.

Liv was my gorgeous model along with Brad, her sweet boyfriend.  The 4 amazing wedding dresses are from The Wedding Studio owned by Adrienne Love.  Liv’s spray tan was done by Bronzzbeauty and I have to say, it looked so perfect and natural.  Hair and makeup was done by E.L.O. Beauty, a company that Liv has with her 2 sisters.  Liv did her own makeup while her sister, Ericka Kresge, put her hair into an adorable, loose updo.  And the beautiful bouquet, boutonniere and flower crown were designed by Alexsa Franklin.




A Broad Ripple Session

I was so happy when my beautiful friend, Kim, contacted me to see if I could take some senior photos for her oldest son and do some photos of her family!  I have known Kim since high school and she is someone that I have always admired.  She is so beautiful and kind and has this amazing artistic talent that just oozes out of her.  And her sons – oh my goodness – can we just say model material?!?  All three of them are so incredibly handsome.  I loved getting to meet them and was so impressed with her oldest son, Elliot.  He graduates this year from Perry Meridian High School.  He was so polite, fun, kind and a joy to photograph.  I loved watching him interact with his younger brothers and his answer blew me away when I asked him about his plans for the future.  Look out world, this guys is going to do great things!  We decided to meet up in Broad Ripple for the session.  Rain clouds threatened to end the session early but luckily they blew away quickly and we were able to finish up the photos.  Here are some of my favorites.2017-05-12_00032017-05-12_00042017-05-12_00062017-05-12_00092017-05-12_00122017-05-12_00132017-05-12_00142017-05-12_00162017-05-12_00192017-05-12_00182017-05-12_00212017-05-12_00222017-05-12_00242017-05-12_00252017-05-12_00312017-05-12_00322017-05-12_00332017-05-12_00302017-05-12_00342017-05-12_00352017-05-12_00362017-05-12_00372017-05-12_00382017-05-12_00392017-05-12_00402017-05-12_00412017-05-12_00432017-05-12_00452017-05-12_00462017-05-12_00472017-05-12_00482017-05-12_00492017-05-12_00732017-05-12_00512017-05-12_00522017-05-12_00542017-05-12_00552017-05-12_00562017-05-12_00572017-05-12_00582017-05-12_00592017-05-12_00602017-05-12_00612017-05-12_00622017-05-12_00632017-05-12_00642017-05-12_00652017-05-12_00662017-05-12_00672017-05-12_00682017-05-12_00692017-05-12_00702017-05-12_00742017-05-12_0072