I had the amazing privilege of photographing this beautiful girl for her senior portraits and I had such a fun time getting to know her!  I actually came home from Isabel’s session and told my husband that I wish I would have gotten to know her sooner because she is so wonderful!  Isabel is the kind of person that brightens your day when you are with her.  She is such a sweetie with a beautiful smile and a great laugh!  I was so excited for her session because I knew she would be so photogenic.  I mean – just look at her!  She is such a cutie!  And I seriously don’t think she can take a bad photo.  Her session was amazing – a little hot – but still amazing.  We hit a few spots in Broad Ripple for some photos before driving over to Holliday Park to finish up.  Congrats on your senior year, Isabel!  I’m so excited to see what your future holds!!!!  2017-10-22_00012017-10-22_00022017-10-22_00042017-10-22_00072017-10-22_00092017-10-22_00122017-10-22_00132017-10-22_00152017-10-22_00162017-10-22_00182017-10-22_00202017-10-22_00212017-10-22_00222017-10-22_00312017-10-22_00322017-10-22_00332017-10-22_00362017-10-22_00382017-10-22_00392017-10-22_00422017-10-22_00432017-10-22_00442017-10-22_00462017-10-22_00472017-10-22_00512017-10-22_00522017-10-22_00542017-10-22_00552017-10-22_00582017-10-22_00592017-10-22_00622017-10-22_00642017-10-22_00662017-10-22_00672017-10-22_00682017-10-22_00712017-10-22_0070


Courtney and Kenneth

Oh my goodness, guys… I can not tell you how much fun I had with this engagement session.  Courtney and Kenny are an absolute blast to be with.  I seriously was laughing the entire evening.  I can only imagine how much fun their wedding day is going to be.  And look at how adorable they are together!!!!  Can I just say…  I love the way that they love each other.  Oh my word – the way he looks at her and smiles.  The way he grabs her and kisses her.  The way that they just crack up laughing with another.  It all makes my heart so happy.  We met up in Carmel at one of my favorite places in the city – Coxhall Gardens.  However, we didn’t get to start the session there because there was a beautiful wedding going on, but we didn’t panic.  Instead we went down the street to another park and shot there before heading back to Coxhall.  And praise Jesus, the wedding was all done and cleared out.  So we finished up their session with a beautiful sunset and a few more outfit changes.  Speaking of outfits… holy moly… their last outfit  – all I have to say is “wow!”  Here are some of my favorites from our time together!   2017-10-13_00012017-10-13_00022017-10-13_00042017-10-13_00032017-10-13_00112017-10-13_00072017-10-13_00122017-10-13_00172017-10-13_00202017-10-13_00222017-10-13_00262017-10-13_00282017-10-13_00292017-10-13_00302017-10-13_00322017-10-13_00332017-10-13_00352017-10-13_00362017-10-13_00402017-10-13_00412017-10-13_00432017-10-13_00462017-10-13_00472017-10-13_00512017-10-13_00522017-10-13_00562017-10-13_00542017-10-13_00572017-10-13_00582017-10-13_00592017-10-13_00622017-10-13_00632017-10-13_00642017-10-13_00652017-10-13_00662017-10-13_00682017-10-13_00722017-10-13_00732017-10-13_00752017-10-13_00762017-10-13_00772017-10-13_00782017-10-13_00802017-10-13_00822017-10-13_0084


Liv and Brad

Let’s see if I can write this blog post without becoming a blubbery mess of tears.  Which I guess you guys will never know if I’m crying or not, since you can’t see me.  (Phew, sigh of relief.  I’m an ugly crier.)  I can not begin to tell you how much I love this couple.  Liv and Brad have such a special spot in my heart.  I met Liv years ago when she played volleyball for me.  It seems like almost a lifetime ago when I coached her in middle school.  Liv has a wonderful, spunky and “full of life” personality that draws people to her.  She made me laugh as a middle schooler and makes me laugh even harder now as an adult.  I love this photo of us from her graduation – I was holding back tears this day.  So many of the kids graduating that year (Liv included) had spent many hours at our house and pretty much felt like a part of our family and I didn’t want to let them go.  Luckily, Liv still comes over to hang with me and we drink our coffee with our yummy creamer as we sit on my couch and talk about life.  It’s one of my favorite things.  Isn’t she the cutest?

2017-10-11_0159And I’ll never forget the day I met Brad.  I was photographing his brother’s wedding.  We were chatting on the dance floor and I found out that he was planning to come to GCA to play soccer!  I was sooooo excited!  And now Brad comes over to hang out with us, too!  I have loved our late night chats with him.  He isn’t afraid to share his heart and be open and vulnerable about what he is learning in life and in his relationship with Christ.  It is inspiring and so exciting.  Needless to say, I was over the moon excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding.  Oh my word, I can only imagine how many happy tears I’ll be crying on that day.  But for now we will focus on their engagement.  They wanted some nature shots so we headed up to Eagle Creek park for their session.  They even did a hike with me to one of my favorite spots and never once complained.  A thunderstorm came in and pretty much took away any chance of sunset photos but we embraced it and went with a more “moody” ending to our session.  Here are some of my favorite images from the session.  Aren’t they the adorable????  Cue all the heart eye emojis!